January 24, 2010
 Santa Cruz, CA
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Weight Divisions

All weigh-ins for the Abu Dhabi Pro West Coast Qualifying Jiu-Jitsu Tournament take place right before each competitor's first match WITH YOUR GI ON.  Please have a photo ID ready to present to the weigh-in staff, so that they can check your proper age and identity.  IMPORTANT! Each competitor only gets ONE CHANCE to make weight for their division, so please double check your registration before you hit the submit button to be sure you signed up for the correct division. Also, you will have an opportunity to check your registration information on the Competitors List page and call us with any corrections by 12:00 pm PST on Tuesday, January 19th. 

If you don't make weight, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

This is a sport with rules, and making weight for your division is part of the rules.  In order to maintain the integrity of our tournament and the sport we STRICTLY enforce this policy, so please take responsibility and show up to the tournament at the correct weight for your division!

Abu Dhabi Amateur

Weight Category Juvenile (16-17 yrs)  Master & Senior (18 yrs up)
Rooster 118.0 lb 126.5 lb
Light Feather 129.0 lb 141.0 lb
Feather 141.0 lb 154.0 lb
Light 152.0 lb 167.5 lb
Middle 163.0 lb 181.0 lb
Medium Heavy 174.5 lb 194.5 lb
Heavy 185.5 lb 207.5 lb
Super Heavy 196.5 lb 221.0 lb
Ultra Heavy Over 196.5 lb Over 221.0 lb

Abu Dhabi Pro

White & Blue

White & Blue Absolute*

139.0 lb 139.0 lb

150.0 lb 150.0 lb

160.5 lb 160.5 lb

172.0 lb 172.0 lb

183.0 lb 183.0 lb

194.0 lb 194.0 lb

205.0 lb 205.0 lb

216.0 lb 216.0 lb

Over 216.0 lb Over 216.0 lb

*Absolute -
Up to 161.0 lb - Only athletes that make it to the quarter-finals can compete
Above 161.0 lb - Only Semi-Finalists can compete

Purple/Brown/Black & Feminine

Purpe/Brown/Black Feminine
Up to 143.0 lb Up to: 139.0 lb
Up to 163.0 lb Above 139.0 lb
Up to 183.0 lb
Up To 202.5 lb
Above 202.5 lb